I’m writing this for a couple of reasons.

Firstly- I’ve had a fair few people ask me about Ibiza and what’s to do apart from the clubs.

Secondly- because I’m bored of seeing people constantly saying that Ibiza is pointless without clubs.

So here’s a few things you can do that doesn’t involve a nightclub:

*Beach clubs-
Ibiza Rocks
Ocean Beach
Bam Bu Ku(wave/surf machine)
Blue Marlin
Nikki Beach
And so on…

*Beaches- some of the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world-
Cala Bassa
Cala Comte
Formentera(been voted one of the top 5 in the world).
And so on…

*Charter your own boat and explore several parts of the island in one day and in luxury.

*Es Vedra for sunset, or to see the stars. Take the challenging walk down to Atlantis to find the rock pools made from sandstone. Or trek to the highest point in Sa Talaia for sunrise.

*Festival club- an abandoned nightclub(this one technically does include a nightclub, for any pedantic people out there haha).

*Ibiza golf club in Roca Lisa.

*Spas- check out one of Ibizas many beautiful spas(Hacienda is pictured below).

*Ses Salinas natural park and salt flats.

*Concept hotels- stay in one of Ibiza´s many modern concept hotels like..
– Cubanito
– Paradiso
– Wikiwoo
And many more.

*Dalt Vila- having a wander around Ibiza old town, check out the castle and the amazing views of the Marina.

There are absolutely endless amounts of amazing restaurants all over the island.
Some of my personal favourites in San Antonio-
Nanjoes Ibiza
Tapas Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Es Verro

*And finally… Bars- the west end will be open, Ibiza rocks bar, Itaca, Plastik, Enigma Beach Club and so on will be open, the sunset strip all the way around to Golden Buddha will be open.

Sorry about the essay but hopefully this will help some people out and maybe detach the stigma of Ibiza having nothing without the clubs.

I’ve attached some photos of a few places mentioned above.

If you need any information, don’t hesitate to contact  let’s make this summer one to remember after a few months we could do with forgetting…

Share away people.

by Kyle Murdoch

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, cloud, outdoor, water and natureImage may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: outdoor and natureImage may contain: ocean, sky, beach, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: ocean, outdoor, nature and water