Ibiza 2020 summer season opening

When do Ibiza Opening Parties take place?
Pretty sure that not in May, how was supposed to happen.
With this actual situation it´s possible that the Super Clubs will not open this summer, but nothing is confirmed yet!
So, fingers crossed!

Is May a good time to visit Ibiza?
Yes, the weather in May is amazing, every day between 20ºC and 25ºC.

For me personal, May and September are the best times to visit the island.

Flights can be found for under £100. You can tell when the main opening parties are likely to kick off based on the demand for flights on the 22nd & 23rd May!

Accommodation in May is cheaper too. You will typically find hotel prices in May 30 to 40% cheaper than in the peak months of July and August. So there are lots of deals to be had.

The Weather in May is definitely a factor if you decide to come for Opening Parties. May is not the hottest time of year to visit Ibiza, but you can still expect plenty of sunshine, with temperatures in the low 20s. In the last couple of seasons, the average temperature in May has been 23 degrees.

Finally, coming to Ibiza in May will be a more relaxed holiday than in peak months. With fewer tourists, and workers/locals energised from the winter break, it’s an exciting and non-stressful time to visit.


COVID_19 crisis in Ibiza 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you will be aware of the Coronavirus pandemic which has swept throughout the world.

Ibiza has been placed on lockdown along with the rest of Spain during a state of emergency. Beyond that time period it is impossible to tell whether this will be extended and/or the consequences it will have on the summer season.

The fact is, every person, business, and country is in unchartered waters at the moment. The fact is, every person, business, and country is in unchartered waters at the moment. Coronavirus could drastically reduce the Ibiza 2020 clubbing season, or even have the entire summer season called off .

There are bigger issues going on in the world than our future holidays right now. Let’s look out for each other and pray for a return to normality soon!

Thanks for this video to our friends from  EGO Media !

Together with Ibiza Club News  they had captured Ibiza whilst the island is at rest and included some of those magical Ibiza moments you all crave.
Let’s take this opportunity to say THANK YOU IBIZA and share some positivity!
We hope to see you in Ibiza soon !