Spain was one of the most affected countries at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and one of the first to adopt a very strict- line of social distancing measures.

News has begun circulating that from next week Spain will introduce the first phase of their social easing program.

Details released via The Local advise that starting from Monday, May 11th Spain will be allowing restaurants and bars with terraces will be permitted to open at 50% of their capacity.

As part of the 4 phase plan, this will mean a maximum of 1/3 people for indoor venues that usually have a full capacity of 90 people or more and open-air events will be open to a maximum of 400 people and later on 800 people.

This stage of easing has already begun being implemented in Balearics and Canaries, where cases are at a much lower rate than mainland Spain it will be some time before hotspots such as Ibiza are back to what we remember them as last season.

The final stage of this advanced easing on Monday, June 8th will mean bars and clubs will reopen at a 3rd of their capacity indoor, outdoor events will see a capacity of 800 people.

For a country that has endured a long period of the lockdown, the easing will come as a bittersweet victory.